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Would you like a chance to sell your goods and/or services to our company? If so, you will need to register as a vendor and send the completed package to our mailing address at 2000 E. Lamar Blvd, Ste. 710, Arlington, Texas, 76006 so that we may add you to our vendors database.

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HMBI invites Contractors to offer their services for the following trades:
Property Maintenance Services:

Debris Removal Property Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning/Removal Lock Change
Initial Lawn Cut Systems Check
Winterization/Snow Removal Property Securing
Pool Securing Defective Paint Removal
Periodic Lawn Maintenance Hazard Removal
Termite and Pest Control Roof Repairs
Glass Replacement Board-Ups
Restoration/Remodel Septic, Well Inspections
Vinyl Replacement Electrical
Graffiti Removal Fence Repair
Counter Top Installation Drywall Repair
Tree Removal

Property Management/Maintenance Subcontractors minimum requirements

  • Must be experienced and knowledgeable in the applicable field of service
  • Must have references
  • Must have local or state licenses when required for specific services
  • Must have adequate equipment and personnel
  • Must carry the required liability insurance and state-required worker's compensation

The Davis Bacon and Related Acts (DBRA) requires all contractors and subcontractors performing work on HUD or District of Columbia construction contracts or federally assisted contracts, in excess of $2,000, to pay their laborers and mechanics not less than the prevailing wage rates and fringe benefits for corresponding classes of laborers and mechanics employed on similar projects in the area.

Therefore, all contractors who are issued work in excess of the above threshold, must ensure their laborers or mechanics are being paid the applicable rates for their services. See to determine prevailing wages for your state/county. Your payroll wages must be presented for each labor classification and must be submitted with your invoice to obtain payment for work completed. In addition, contractor is responsible for compliance by any subcontractor or lower subcontractor with all applicable clauses under FAR clause 52.222-11, Subcontracts (Labor Standards).

All other requests or concerns can be sent to:

  • Corporate Office
  • Toll-free (817) 299-9320

  • Charlotte Regional Office
  • Toll-free (866) 337-HMBI (4624)