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We are currently seeking qualified individuals with skills and experience in Real Estate Owned (REO) Marketing, Sales, Closing, and Property Management. To apply, submit your resume to our Corporate HR Team via email at hr@hmbiweb.com or via fax at 817-462-4500.

Accounting Associate Imaging Technician
Accounting Associate (Utilities) Mail Clerk
Accounting Associate (HOA) Marketing Manager
Accounting Manager Occupied Conveyance Specialist
Sr. Acquisition Specialist P & P Specialist
Assistant Closing Manager Program Assistant
Bidding Specialist Property Manager
Closing Manager Quality Control Appraiser
Customer Service Representative Quality Control Manager
Direct Sales Specialist (NP/OND/TND) Realty Specialist
Executive Assistant Receptionist
Field Inspector Records Manager
File Clerk Sr. Property Inspector
HOM Reconveyance Specialist Tax Specialist
Human Resources Manager Termite Specialist
IT Manager Utility Clerk
IT Network Technician Utility Manager

Candidates may submit resumes at the appropriate office: