HMBI, along with a group of experienced private receivership and asset management contractors, has created a REO Management application software called Unified IT Management Systems, LLC. This software is specifically designed to efficiently manage a REO property Asset from the acquisition stage through to its final sale. Through the use of HMBI’s proprietary technology, we believe we can increase both efficiency and accountability.

HMBI is unique. Our in-house experience saves your resources by reducing training time. We possess the technological capabilities necessary to facilitate and work with realtors and brokers nationwide. These resources include, but are not limited to, Res net, Equator, and REO Network. We also maintain a staff of licensed realtors and attorneys who are trained to manage your portfolio on any scale.

HMBI has a performance record which demonstrates the ability to manage REO properties under rapidly deteriorating market conditions. The prevailing market conditions have produced a rapid decline in prices, depreciation in values, and increased foreclosures. These conditions have impacted the efficacy of traditional marketing and management processes. HMBI implemented innovative marketing and property management techniques to address diverse market conditions and continued to move properties at competitive prices in an expanding buyer’s market.