Zero Tolerance Policy:

All names and Identification numbers entered on the initial bid submission must be correct and spelled as they legally appear on the Driver’s License and Social Security Card. All the information on the initial bid submission must match the 9548 contract. If any names or identification numbers are entered incorrectly on the initial bid submission or the initial bid submission does not match the 9548 contract, HMBI on behalf of HUD will cancel your contract. Because of this policy, we strongly recommend viewing or obtaining a copy of the buyer(s) Drivers License and Social Security Card prior to submitting the initial bid and completing the sales contract.

SAMS Forms for Broker Certification or Re-certification

  • Complete all forms including the checklist – some fields are fillable online before printing
  • Attach ALL required documents
  • Return to the appropriate HMBI Contract Office
  • The Certification process may take up to 30 days

Sales Contracts Form 9548 is now available in pdf FILLABLE format. Using a pdf Reader such as Acrobat Reader, you can fill the fields on the Sales Contract Form before printing it.

To ensure that you submit an acceptable Sales Contract, please take a moment and ensure that the following are correct:

  • Where Real Estate agent signatures and/or initials are required, only the broker signs the contract and initials other documents.
  • The purchaser must sign the radon, gas and mold form and lead-based paint addendum
  • It is MANDATORY that the earnest money be a cashier's check or money order ONLY – no personal checks
  • Line 5 of the Sales Contract: Closing Costs: HUD pays certain Closing Costs UP TO 3% of the purchase price, IF the closing costs are inserted on line 5 of the sales contract. Click here to view HUD Notice H-2009-04 explaining which closing costs are allowable and the maximum amount in your appropriate state.
  • Line 6b of the Sales Contract is left blank.
  • Line 9 of the Sales Contract must reflect 45 days.
  • Line 12 of the Sales Contract: All purchasers must initial line 12 of the Sales Contract.
  • Line 12 of the Sales Contract: The "other addendum" box must be checked